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Welcome to our website! We sell stickers and shirts for Houston fans by Houston fans.  We are currently only selling stickers but will be selling shirts again soon so be on the lookout!

Visit our Instagram (PatitoHouston) where we share a lot of our new products. We give out free stuff every now and then. Feel free to share any photos of Patito Houston shirts, stickers, or any other products that you may have or seen!

If you want to contact us about our stickers, shirts, need graphics work, or you just want to talk about life, talk about last nights game, or if you want us to listen to your mixtape, you can message us on Instagram, email: [email protected], or use the contact link.

If you read the entire about page use the code: AboutPH for 10% off your purchase! If you didn’t read about Patito Houston then the code will not work!